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Representing the graduate students of SUTD (Master and PhD students), we ensure that the the graduate population’s wellbeing are being taken care of and their concerns are addressed.


To build a platform for technically and socially competent leaders to serve the graduate community and beyond


  • To enrich graduate students’ campus life by advancing academic and social interests
  • To connect all graduate students and establish links with industries
  • To address the welfare of graduate students



Virtual Writing Room

16th September 2020

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Lim Sze Li Harry

Vice President

Graduate life can be daunting. Together with Office of Graduate Studies (OGS), we can create a balanced and conducive research environment through synergistic networking and memorable experiences for you, as we strive to make the world a better place through design and technology. Other than indulging in sleep, I run to eat - toggling between gaining and shedding weight.

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Ryann Sim

Vice President

I hope that the GSA can help make the graduate student life at SUTD a more enriching experience for all. In particular, we hope to give graduate students an opportunity to take part in activities that provide support and much-needed respite from the pressures of student life, while also helping improve our skills in academic and practical matters.

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Yvonne Wong

General Secretary

I love making a difference to things around me, be it the experience, the environment or to peoples lives. Looking forward to meeting new people, bringing fun and making the gradaute journey a meaningful one for all.

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Elif Esra Aydin

Events Director

We, GSA, are here to remind you to enjoy your graduate life, even if we frequently forget that we are not robots but humans. If you need a little fun sparks in your life, throughout an academic year, we will be there for you! Because we care about you and your journey in SUTD. Let's create remarkable and unforgettable memories all together.

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Willaim Siew

Academic Director

Let's work together to be a driver for change that supports the students' learning and well-being in SUTD. We can all contribute in bringing the graduate and undergraduate communities closer together through design.

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Hitesh Bhardwaj

Finance Director

We believe that through this network, we can help you to make your journey an unforgettable experience and ease the path to your success through various activities and events which will be organized throughout the academic year. We are here to support you in your highs and lows during your time here at the SUTD.

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Vishakha Weerasinghe

Outreach Director

Graduate life is a journey, not a race, let's enjoy it together.We may deal with high rate of rejections. We all know this is not by the choice. As GSA we can grow multifold by celebrating, sharing and supporting each other to make sure that no one him/herself alone in this journey.



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