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Representing the graduate students of SUTD (Master and PhD students), we ensure that the the graduate population’s wellbeing are being taken care of and their concerns are addressed.


To build a platform for technically and socially competent leaders to serve the graduate community and beyond


  • To enrich graduate students’ campus life by advancing academic and social interests
  • To connect all graduate students and establish links with industries
  • To address the welfare of graduate students




9th October 2019

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John Chan


I desire to see our graduate community connected to one another and doing well in research. I am an advocate for activities to challenge and encourage students achieve their potential. If you ever need help navigating your graduate life, please always feel free to reach out to me.

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Lim Sze Li Harry

Vice President

Graduate life can be daunting for many. Together with Office of Graduate Studies (OGS), we aim to create a balanced and conducive research environment through synergistic networking and memorable experiences for our graduate students, in our strive to make the world a better place through design and technology. Other than indulging in sleep, I run to eat - toggling between gaining and shedding weight.

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Yvonne Wong

General Secretary

I love making a difference to things around me, be it the experience, the environment or to peoples lives. Looking forward to meeting new people, bringing fun and making the gradaute journey a meaningful one for all.

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Elif Esra Aydin

Events Director

The life must be to be caught up when we feel young, energetic and motivated, as Cemal Süreyya wrote in his poem "life is short, birds are flying". For me, life is meaningful if we have fun while facing all the challenges. I know that PhD is a hard process in our lives which even a minute is priceless for all of us. But I think we all need some break times. Therefore, I am willing to reveal inner little fun sparks by gathering you all for variant activities throughout the PhD process.

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Suhaila Zainal Shah

Academic Director

Each and every graduate student might have a different story to tell of their academic journey in SUTD. My mission is to make this story as exciting and intellectually rewarding as it can be - filling it with academic events and initiatives that will not only promote cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration but also opportunities for continual learning and professional development. I'm always up for a chat, so feel free to strike a conversation with me anytime! :)

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Koh En Yan

Finance and Media Director

Hey there! Do you follow GSA on facebook and instagram? Who am I? A graduate student who has benefited greatly from the SUTD family and hopes to encourage the growth of even stronger bonds between members of the SUTD community. As a former undergraduate, one can find me still active in 5th rows and other undergraduate activities xD Besides that, don't forget to like and subscribe!



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