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Representing the graduate students of SUTD (Master and PhD students), we ensure that the the graduate population’s wellbeing are being taken care of and their concerns are addressed.


To build a platform for technically and socially competent leaders to serve the graduate community and beyond


  • To enrich graduate students’ campus life by advancing academic and social interests
  • To connect all graduate students and establish links with industries
  • To address the welfare of graduate students



SUTD 3MT Event

Video Submission: 14th June 2021   Final Results: 22nd June 2021



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Chadurvedi Venkatesan


“What we learn with passion, we never forget”- Graduate life revolves around milestones and targets. Graduate Student Association (GSA) is committed for the betterment of student life at SUTD. Our goal is to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas, facilitating multi-disciplinary collaboration and collective intelligence. We are delighted to share fun-filled experience in your graduate life.

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Kenny Ong Jun Hao

Vice President

“Loving what you do leads you to happiness and success”- Through M.A.D (Making A Difference) together in the SUTD Graduate community, we can create an easier, exciting, and extraordinary journey for one to take. OGS and GSA are here to journey with SUTD Graduates! ​

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Ding Yongfeng

General Secretary

“Graduate Life should be interesting and wonderful, instead of being monotonous.​GSA is there for you, to enrich your campus life, accompany you through happiness and sorrow, and be a part of your life. Let’s create, design and share a meaningful journey together.

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Murali Krishnan

Events Director

“Never be too busy to meet someone new” - To make people involved within the Graduate Student SUTD students have a demanding academic schedule, balancing between full- or part-time work and their personal lives. We hope to encourage more engagement within the graduate community. So, GSA is here to create your academic time fruitfully. By enhancing your skills and knowledge, and finding connections through the student organization, these experiences help you to become a well-rounded individual.

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Thileepan Stalin

Academic Director

"Learn Together and Grow Together". Everyone has ups and downs in their graduate life and research work. We will organize events for students to share their ideas, network and develop their skills. As members of GSA, we will make sure no one is left alone. "We are in this together!"

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Arturo Castillo Ugalde

Finance Director

"Unity Is Strength"- Being part of GSA is a unique opportunity to enhance the experience of graduate students during their SUTD journey. My commitment with GSA is working towards a joyful and exciting experience for the graduate community, providing events that enrich the amazing experience of being a scholar at SUTD​.

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Balaraman Rajesh Kumar

Outreach Director

“One who is mild rather than forceful has greater capacity for outreach"- I look forward to engaging Graduate Students through advancing outreach partnerships and opportunities by strengthening their coordination with a multitude of diverse education and outreach initiatives. ​

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M Souganttika

Media Director

“None of us is smarter than all of us”- A collated effort and mutual support for each other provides fruitful results during the Graduate Student Journey. At GSA, we aim to form a cohesive and inclusive society that helps in the betterment of the individual both professionally and personally.


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